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School for Advanced Studies

Kennedy’s Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) program provides high-level academic opportunities with an emphasis on depth, complexity, acceleration and novelty.  We provide high-quality differentiated instruction specifically tailored to address the unique academic and social-emotional needs of gifted/talented learners.

Teaching & Leadership Academy

Kennedy’s Teaching and Leadership Academy encourages its members to pursue careers in and related to education. We instill a sense of responsibility to community, school, and self through opportunities for our students to mentor and work with younger students in our local schools.

Architecture/Digital Design/Filmmaking Magnet

Kennedy's Architecture/Digital Design/Filmmaking Magnet uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore design principles in the areas of architecture, digital design, and filmmaking. We create college and career ready individuals ready for entry-level employment or further study in these fields.

Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Achieving Medical Magnet

Kennedy's Gifted/Highly Gifted/High Achieving Medical Magnet offers a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum for students who aspire to careers in healthcare and medicine. We believe that nurturing a diverse body of students in health professional schools today will improve the health of the nation tomorrow.

Global Leadership and Environmental Action Magnet (GLEAM)

Kennedy's Global Leadership & Environmental Action Magnet (GLEAM) focuses on the challenges facing our community with regard to the environment and climate. We inspire our students to become active, informed citizens committed to creating a more just, sustainable future.