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Please select individual Teams when looking for any Workout/Tryout Information.  
Coaches can be emailed directly if there are any specific questions.

What do you need to do to participate in tryouts?

Athletic Paperwork is being handled through Returning students do NOT have to create a new account, you can just update your current account if necessary. Students make sure to register under KENNEDY, JOHN F. for the current school year; then complete both online courses (Concussion & Sportsmanship) indicated in RED and use the provided links. This needs to be done each school year, do not upload a previous certificate. Upload the Certificate of Completion for each course and a Photocopy of your Health Insurance Card on When this has been completed, all you have to do is turn in the Original Physical (w/Dr's stamp and signature), Asthma Forms (if applicable) and a signed Message Confirmation Form to your Coach. 
If there is an website issue or any questions, please email Maria Guerra, Athletic Director, at [email protected]
Each athlete must have a current physical on file in order to play sports. Physicals may be obtained through your own physician but MUST be on the LAUSD form. 
Physicals are good for 1 calendar year. The physical (original only) will then need to be turned in to the coach of the sport you wish to tryout for, then it will be cleared by the Athletic Director and school nurse. 
The Updated LAUSD Physical Form can also be found below.  Make sure that the Physical is filled out completely; signed, dated and stamped by the Doctor's Office. If you have an Asthma condition or take any type of Asthma medication, please print, complete and turn in the Asthma forms below along with the Original Physical form.  
FREE Athletic Physicals
Contact the coach for your sport to find out when tryouts will be held. You can find a list of all our coaches HERE
Every athlete must maintain a minimum of 2.0 GPA on the 10 & 20 Wk Report Card.
IMPORTANT: Incoming 9th Grade students are NOT allowed to participate in any athletic tryouts/practice until they have completed course work at their currently enrolled school.  Only after matriculation can the above participation take place. 

No tryouts, you must be able to swim.

Please email Ms. Mendivil for more details [email protected]