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Visual & Performing Arts

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program at John F. Kennedy High School 
offers a comprehensive education in the visual arts, with a focus on drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture.
Our courses are designed to develop students' creativity, critical thinking, and technical skills. Through hands-on instruction and exploration, students will learn about various art techniques, materials, and styles. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in art history and theory, learn about the work of famous artists, and explore various cultural contexts.

Musical Arts

Kennedy High School's Musical Arts programs offer several different musical experiences.
First, we offer marching band, color guard, orchestra, and mariachi, each of which perform at various events and competitions.
Next we offer guitar, keyboards, and choir. Students participating in these courses have the opportunity to perform live and to participate in competitions.

Theater Arts

JFKHS's Theater Arts program provides students with foundations in live performance and theater, including acting, stage directing, and set design and construction. 
Students also learn the art of improvisation when participating in live performances on the Quad.